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  FAQ: Account
  1. What is a ReVoice Singtone Account?
  2. What are the benefits of a having a Singtone account?
  3. I Forgot my Password. How do I retrieve it?
  1. What is a ReVoice Singtone Account?

    A ReVoice Singtone Account is the system we provide for you to access and manage the Singtones you created and bought as well as the ones that have been sent to you.

    Your account is set up automatically when you buy a Singtone or receive one. It is based on your mobile phone number and your Pin Code but you can add additional details on our website to assist us to give you the best possible service. You can also create a Singtone account without purchasing anything by Registering on this website.

    The benefit of adding your name is that when you send Singtones to someone else, they will see your name in the message sent to them and will know YOU sent them the Singtone.

    Once you have set up an Account by Registering or purchasing a Singtone, you can access your Singtone Account via the ReVoice Singtone Phone system or via this website.

    If you log In to your Singtone Account on this site, your Singtone Basket contains Singtones that have been sent to your phone. You can listen to them, purchase or delete them.

    Your My Singtones list shows you the Singtones you have purchased. You can listen to them, send them to other mobile phones or delete them.

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  2. The BENEFITS of having a Singtone account are:

    1. You can save and share the Singtones that you create.
    2. You can use a Singtone account to access your Singtones on the internet.
    3. You can Send Singtones from your internet account.
    4. Your name will also appear in SMS messages sent to your friends when you send them Singtones.
    5. You can suggest songs to us to be made into Singtones.

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  3. I Forgot my Password. How do I retrieve it?

    1. Click on 'Log In'
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
    3. Enter your Mobile number
    4. Click 'Send PIN Code'

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